Curriculum Vitae

Name: Dr. iur. MAZAL Wolfgang                        Gender: Male
Profession: Professor at University of Vienna
Date and place of Birth:  9.Dezember 1959, Wien
Citizenship:  Austria
Familial status: married, three children, seven grand-children
High school (Gymnasium) and Legal Education in Vienna (Dr. iur. 1981)
Research Fellow financed by the Austrian Foundation for Promotion of Scientific Research at University Bayreuth, Germany (1989/1990)
Habilitation 1991, University Professor 1992
Scientific research, teaching and publication in wide fields of Labor Law, Social Security Law, Medical Law, Legal and Social Aspects of Families.
Research in Comparative Social Politics Europe-Asia: focus Japan, China, Korea
Responsible for the joint research program of Vienna University and Kyoto State University in Labour law and Social politics, more than fourty research and teaching stays in Japan, more than twenty non-scientific stays in Japan
Scientific Advisor under the Strategic Partnership between the Kyoto State University and University of Vienna
Responsible for cooperation between University of Vienna and Chinese University of Political Science (Beijing), several research stays in China
Director or Deputy Director of the Department of Labor Law and Social Security Law, University of Vienna since 1997
Director of the Austrian Institute for Family Studies, University of Vienna since 2002
Distinguished Visiting Professor at Kyoto University since 2016
Head of the board of trustees, Danube University for higher Education and Lifelong Learning, Krems (Austria) 2009-2019
Vice-President of the Austrian Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation AQ.Austria since 2012
Many other positions of scientific esteem
European Academy of Sciences and Arts
International Society of Labor Law and Social Security Law
European Institute of Social Security
Austrian Society of Labor Law and Social Security Law
Austrian Society of Medical Law
Austrian Society of Law and Religion
Contact data
Department for Labor Law and Social Security Law University of Vienna
Schenkenstrasse 8-10/2, 1010 Wien ! +43 1 4277 35609
Austrian Institute for Family Studies, University of Vienna
Grillparzerstrasse 7/9, 1010 Wien ! +43 1 4277 48901,,,